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Taylor Swift Gets Darker and Shows Her Sensual Side in "Style"

Posted by Kevin Z. Rong Friday, February 13, 2015 2 comments

After two lighthearted "1989" music videos, "Blank Space" and "Shake It Off," Taylor Swift gets darker and shows her sensual side with her latest video for her newest single "Style," inspired by her ex-boyfriend Harry Styles of One Direction. The moody new video is a different beast, showcasing the 25-year-old pop singer-songwriter in a darker, more abstract and light.
This song about a relationship with a guy who has "slicked-back hair" appears to be Swift looking back at her time with Styles. The clue is not only in the title, but also Harry used to rock a slicked-back hair style. But that's not to say that "Style" doesn't properly define its relationship. It just has that catchy dance-party vibe that makes you fall in love with a pop song.
Featuring her BFF Sarah Hyland's boyfriend Dominic Sherwood, the captivating video is filled with special effects and gorgeous beauty shots of Swift, who sporting her trademark "red lip, classic thing that you like" look while walking barefoot through a forest and cozying up to her love interest in a lightning storm in between some artsy shots of Swift disappearing into puffs of smoke and waves crashing on a picturesque beach. Throughout the video, Swift and her man are haunted by memories of each other, the lyrics also nod toward a similar conflict, before the pair is ultimately reunited before the video fades out.

Maroon 5 Crash A Bunch Of Real Weddings With Their "Sugar"

Posted by Kevin Z. Rong Thursday, January 15, 2015 1 comments

Maroon 5 channel Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn circa 2005 in the goofy clip for their latest single, "Sugar," as they crash a handful of real wedding receptions and surprise random brides and grooms' nuptials with a little bit of their "Sugar" and an impromptu performances of their slinky funk-pop song, which is the third single taken off of the alt-rock outfit's most recent fifth album, "V."
Musically, "Sugar" combines the grooves of the funk and "synth-driven" of the 1980s music nostalgia feeling, and lyrically, Adam Levine sings the lines to his romantic interest. The idea of this love pop song's video was taken from the 2005 hit comedy, "Wedding Crashers," and the vibrantly cheerful and sweet clip was appropriately created with the film's director, David Dobkin. Heading out into the Los Angeles landscape with their guitars and suited up in slick-backed tuxes, the egomaniacs Maroon 5 try to crash as many weddings as possible and scream in ecstasy like the guests who went through just that.
What ensues is lots of confetti, cheers and tears. "It was an out of body experience. I had no idea I would be affected by the overwhelming reactions we received from the couples and guests. Being able to create an unforgettable experience for several people was the highlight of it all," frontman shares. At each venue, the film crew rushes in and sets up a massive white backdrop, as guests stare with puzzled curiosity. Once the band - in mid-performance - is revealed, the shocked and delighted faces of the newlyweds' reactions range from deer-in-headlights shock to hyperventilating glee. Check out the genuine, magical moments that the surprise created in "Sugar" video below.

Tove Lo stalks a criminal, repeatedly makes out in "Talking Body"

Posted by Kevin Z. Rong Tuesday, January 13, 2015 0 comments

Designed to precede song's official radio impact by a day, the official music video for Swedish dark-popstress Tove Lo's "Talking Body" arrives on Monday, and fans have every reason to expect the video to fall on the sexy side of the spectrum. The alluring visual is a steamy one and dangerously hot, as it follows the 27-year-old on a sensual escapade with her super-hot lover.
The carnal, ferocious sex anthem, the latest single off the singer's debut "Queen Of The Clouds," is one of the album's biggest woosh pop moments, a true "cut to the chase" track, armed with a propulsive memorably slinky chorus and some of the naughtiest, most NSFW lyrics ("If you love me right/ We f**k for life/ On and on and on") on the whole album. According to Lo, her "Talking Body" video is all about "f**k-ups, make-outs, fireworks," but, uh, that's putting it mildly.
The debauchery-filled clip walks the line between public and private, danger and sex, as the Swedish songstress stalks through a old-folk's home lacking walls to a burlesque dance club, and a glitter-bombed street festival, where she can't stop making out with a criminal and hooks up with her jail-bound mystery, model-esque love, but, as if the two live in a world where making out is illegal, the police show up every time they lock lips. But by the end of the video, when she steals the keys to her man's motorcycle while he's locked up in prison and rides off into the dark.

Sia Unveiled a Dance Battle Birdcage Match with "Elastic Heart"

Posted by Kevin Z. Rong Thursday, January 8, 2015 0 comments

Maddie Ziegler is back! The child dancer of the iconic "Chandelier" music video isn't the sole star in the new Sia video for "Elastic Heart," though. The 12-year-old "Dance Moms" prodigy now shares the spotlight with 'Transformers' actor Shia Labeouf. The two will go on a cage battle with an extremely strong abusive lover-Satan figure and they just killed it.
The bubbling ballad "Elastic Heart," featured on Australian pop star Sia's re-release of her 2014 album "1000 Forms of Fear," is about finding love after enduring heartbreak and pain. With its syncopated drum beats and synth-tastic melodies, this Sia soared was a perfectly chaotic combination. Set inside what looks like an enormous birdcage, the eye-catching clip, was once again co-directed by Daniel Askill, sees burly, buff, and dirty LaBeouf interpretive birdcage fight with Ziegler as they perform a moving piece of interpretive dance.
What follows is confounding, but absorbing. After pacing across from one-another and busting out a few epileptic dance moves, the two crawl across the floor towards each other, and LaBeouf engages in an interpretive dance-fight with Lil Sia tossing LaBeouf around the cage like a rag doll. And once again, Ziegler reprises her role as Sia's diminutive stand-in-blonde bob, skin-colored leotard, and all. This time, she conveys an especially compelling sense of intensity, emotion, and grace. Overall, it's a mesmerizing viewing experience.

Kodaline shows the moments of love-related anguish in "Honest"

Posted by Kevin Z. Rong Sunday, January 4, 2015 0 comments

Round up a stellar 2014, Kodaline return with the music video for new single "Honest," the lead single from the Irish alternative rock quartet's upcoming sophomore album, "Coming Up For Air," will be released on February 9. Kodaline exploded in Europe last year when their debut LP "In A Perfect World" produced a string of emotional soft-rock in the best possible way anthems documenting mournful tales of love and loss.
For all intents and purposes, "Honest," is a song about communication. This makes a whole lot of sense, since misunderstood communication usually stems from insufficient frankness and dishonesty. The Jacknife Lee-produced track, due for release on February 1st, finds the Dublin-based rockers in something of a bad mood. While "Honest" certainly has more of an edge than their previous hits with its sharp lyrics and angry guitars, Kodaline still throws in a soaring chorus and stays true to their whimsical stadium-rock sound.
Influenced by a pure and more clean sound, with more depth in their lyrics, "Say what you want to say/ but if you lie to me again/ I'll be the one who walks away/ is it in you to be honest?" bolstered by a huge-sounding, buzzy synth line, are resolute, yet somehow oddly uplifting, as the chords change from minor to major. This shift feels especially nice, as the verses are purposely minor, indicating conflict. It's a towering rock anthem that oozes earnest drama with its sensitive crooning and giant-sized crescendos. Is it in you to be honest? Check out the booming new video, which sees performance footage of the band mixed with moments of love-related anguish.

Marina & the Diamonds reflects on the circle of life in "Immortal"

Posted by Kevin Z. Rong Friday, January 2, 2015 0 comments

Marina And The Diamonds unveiled the arty music video for her spiritual song "Immortal," the final track from the Welsh singer-songwriter's upcoming third LP, "Froot," which is a contemplative stunner focused on the undying power of love, due out worldwide on April 6. Searching for a slinky pop track to start 2015 on the right foot? Marina And The Diamonds have you covered with "Immortal," which darkens the fizzy electro-pop of the 29-year-old's previous two albums.
The 5-minute long track "Immortal," which Marina described as "arguably the darkest thing" she's ever written, is another delicate, stripped-back ballad that finds her contemplating the transitory nature of life. "I wanna be immortal/ Like a god in the sky,” sings Marina about that impossible but would-be-damn-cool dream of becoming a deity and enjoying all of their powers. It's definitely dark, slow-tempo with a few synth elements and a recurring theme in the diva's occasionally morbid oeuvre, but she always manages to examine the topic from an original perspective.
But while the subject matter might be depressing (death is inevitable, after all), there is an underlying sense of hope. The simple-but-stylish video that reverberates heavy Lana Del Rey vibes over its five-minute-plus running time, finds the quirky songstress performing the song while swaying in front of projected nostalgic home videos and reaching out to the memories that reflects on the circle of life. There are happy childhood scenes, a wedding and ultimately footage of old folks. She takes us through the circle of life without being overly sentimental.

Bonnie McKee gets into Christmas spirit with "California Winter"

Posted by Kevin Z. Rong Monday, December 29, 2014 0 comments

Dreaming of palm trees tonight? You're not alone. Singer-songwriter-pop star extraordinaire Bonnie McKee is getting us in the sunny, sparkly Christmas spirit with her new cheerful holiday song "California Winter," and McKee's got a hot holiday tip for you as she belts across the chorus of the lovey-dovey wintry ode that is all about cozying up to your love - the only thing that can make you feel like a "California Winter," despite the snow and chilly weather.
"California Winter," is a future holiday classic with bright, catchy, and full of hooks. It's just like one of McKee's pop hits - only with a festive holiday twist. The talented "American Girl" pop penner, who looks like a gorgeous Christmas pin-up dream on the song's cover artwork, provides cheerful horns and wintry jingling bells on her cheery new tune. The super bubbly, upbeat track bops like a squeaky-clean '50s tune with McKee letting the world know that California still basks in the sun during winter. "It's always summer with you," she sings to her lover - the only thing that can make you feel like a "California Winter," despite the snow and chilly weather.
Reflecting the warm weather on the west coast, she wears various pin-up-inspired looks in the festive clip. McKee admitted that this was also a last minute project that came together with a lot of D.I.Y. work from the singer and her friends. Their labor of love is just as charming as the romantic, feel-good track itself. "This one-shot video was duct-taped, stapled, and glued together with chewing gum by my loving, wonderful, talented friends," says McKee of them making of this video.

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